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A New Era

It was back in 1999 when Billy "Wicked" Wilson (R.I.P.) from Voodoo Extreme posted a blurb on a piece of software from Quantum Flux called the Virtual Intelligence Matrix. The VIM was a machine intelligence construct which controlled a female 3D character who lived in a virtual world. Billy's post launched a torrent of downloads, and the birth of an online presence for the research and exploration into the nature of the human mind that I have been pursuing for several decades. The new site will bring together the many facets of Quantum Flux. Here your will find information of the status of the VIM, interesting and relevant neuroscience news stories, information about "The Walk in the Forest" concept of human consciousness, and the Image of Perception photo gallery. Thanks for visiting the site, and I hope you find some interesting things to think about.

- Dr. Michael A. Colicos