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Thank You! I purchased VIM way back when

Thank You! I purchased VIM way back when and really enjoyed it. I tried getting it to work on my newer computers but had no luck. I'm really enjoying using it & VI Raptor - which I also used to enjoy - again. Do you think you'll be releasing evolver also?

Something I have thought about a lot is

Something I have thought about a lot is how we perceive the environment around us specifically with regard to our perception of time and why we perceive it as static and unchangeable. Of course we shouldn’t disregard Einstein but perhaps we should take note that he worked with the tool of mathematics. Is it not a construct of that same consciousness that you speak about. As with all tools that our species has developed to help us understand the environment that we find ourselves in? I am simply a layman and I guess you could say an armchair philosopher and do not have the tools and education that you have at your disposal. So I humbly submit, at the peril of criticism, a small amendment to the last line in the first paragraph of your blog. I apologize if this causes offence because for lack of better tools at hand . . . “In a nutshell, consciousness arises as a result of the simultaneous presence of a sequence of perceptive states of the world, causing the development of the notion of time as a mechanism to cope with perceived reality”.

Thanks for reading Randy...and the only

Thanks for reading Randy...and the only thing I'd criticize is the phrase "perils of criticism"! Criticism is either the path to improvement, if one is wrong, or tells you what needs to be worded more clearly if one is right! I couldn't survive without it. I think your point is that consciousness is another tool we evolved to understand our surroundings. I think that is true, but perhaps in a more complex way. Insects and fish can perceive and respond to their environment excellently, they really have no need to understand it, so to speak. But human behavior has evolved to such a complex level, perceiving that aspect of the environment becomes a real challenge. And for that task, consciousness is very useful...essential perhaps. I teach almost a whole lecture on this, but there is some unnervingly cool research that very clearly shows our brain makes decisions before (up to seconds before) we are consciously aware we have made the decision. I know this totally messes with one's concept of free will etc., but it is true. So your brain decides something and then informs our consciousness of the choice it made. To make a long story too short, the way I'd explain the evolutionary drive for consciousness is it creates an externalization of the underlying things the brain does automatically (like the fish or insects). This has no real use (perhaps) for the individual, but is incredibly useful for social interaction. We need to know what other people are thinking, and to have consciousnesses interaction is way more effective than each person having to watch everything the other does, if you know what I mean (as some species of animals do), because you can just ask them. And social evolution is perhaps an even more powerful driving force than physical survival of the fittest these days.

About posting the new program it reads a

About posting the new program it reads as malicious software when i try to download it. But getting back to perception is it possible to make this programming into a sort of plug-in application for something like the Ultra HAL assistant. i would be very intrested to see how a program that recreats peception would affect something like it especially if a program allowing acess to a web cam to act as eyes.