Garmin Projects

One of my recent projects has been coding some apps and watch faces for Garmin devices; in part for fun, and in part to teach my kids how to code. We have several out now on the Garmin Connect IQ site. They are:

1) Radar Canada - a watch widget to retrieve an animation of the current weather radar for your area in Canada.

2) Radar USA - same as above but for the USA, obviously.

3) Marble Maze - a recreation of the cheap dollar store marble game on your expensive watch. This btw was a great way to teach the kids trig, and a lot of basic physics as well.

4) A Perfect Circle - if I have to describe this, I would say it is a focus tool. Using code from other projects, it is simply a rotating circle that shakes, warps, drifts and vibrates unless you hold the watch very steady in the correct position. As with many meditation techniques, I think it does help focus and clear your mind, and this has a direct and immediate effect on your physiology.

5) Quantum Tactix watch face - an analog/digital hybrid that I designed primarily for myself (obsessing over the wabi-sabi of it all), but then decided I might as well release it for others as well. I have received several requests for mods; I am working on some of them, but spare time is limited for me these days. Most developers on the Garmin site ask for donations for their work; I know from the VIM all those years ago, if someone will take the time to actually send you a few dollars, then you feel better about putting the time aside to keep on working on the project.

So if you have come here from the Gamin site and would like to donate to the Quantum Tactix watch face project, please do so because you enjoy the watch face as it is. Leave a note if there are options you would like to see in future versions - I can't guarantee I will incorporate them all, but it certainly lets me know what direction people would like to see this go. I know is not secure (hopefully donations could help afford an SSL certificate!), but the donate button goes to the secure PayPal site. Thank you, and best of health.