Rather than registering the programs, they now will be freely available. We ask if you enjoy the project, please donate to help further development. Thank you!


Welcome to the home of the Virtual Intelligence Matrix

The VIM is a model of human brain function, which is used to drive 3D characters who live in virtual worlds. Rather than trying to imitate brain function, the VIM is designed to replicate it. The VI's here will explore their environment, and acquire different behavior patterns with time. We hope you enjoy watching these lifeforms evolve, and decide yourself whether they are "artificial" life forms or simply "virtual" life forms.

That was the introduction on the front page as it was now over a decade ago. The goal of this page and the links here will be to document the project, and the incredible amount of feedback and discussion the VIM programs generated. The best way to start to get familiar with the different forms the VIM has taken over the years is to click through the screen shots from each program. As I get time I'll add more information about the backstory behind this all.